15 Confidence Boosting Affirmations

15 Confidence-boosting affirmations

It takes confidence to accomplish your goals. Not only do you have to have confidence in yourself, but you also have to have confidence in the one who sent you. 

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit, fruit that will last, and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.     

-John 15:16 NIV

By that we mean you have to have confidence that God created you with special gifts and talents that no one else has. Those gifts and talents will help you accomplish your goals and fulfill your purpose. 

Guuurrrl, they may look like you and even talk like you, but they can't do it like you. Why? Because they haven't survived the things you've had to endure to get to where you are. 

We love using self-talk and affirmations to boost our self-confidence and keep our heads in the game. Using self-talk and affirmations can be especially helpful when you're feeling low and lacking the confidence needed to take the next step to accomplish your goals. 

Get in front of a mirror and repeat these 15 confidence-boosting affirmations every morning and throughout the day. You can use this link to print them out. Hang them around your house and keep a copy in your bag. 

15 Confidence Boosting Affirmations

I'm one of a kind. No one thinks like me, cares like me, loves like me, and creates like me.

I am fearfully wonderfully made.

I am loved beyond measure.

I was created for such a time as this to fulfill my purpose on the earth.

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Whatever I've lost was just a stand-in for the amazing blessings I'm about to receive.  

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I was built for this; everything that's happened to me has prepared me for this moment.

When I pray no one and nothing is safe because God hears my cry. 

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God has prepared a path for me to fulfill my destiny. 

Everything that I need to get the job done is already inside of me. 

They aren't my competition or my critics. They're my audience. They're here to watch me win. 

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While they're sleeping on me, I'll be up putting in the work necessary to live the life I want.

I will not lose because I come with supernatural faith, strength, and wisdom.

Every day is a new opportunity for me to grow into the woman God created me to be. 

I trust myself to make the right decisions because I grind, but most of all I pray.

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