4 Questions to Ask Before You Give Up

Because sometimes you're just not motivated to keep going.
4 Questions to Ask Before You Give Up
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Trying to accomplish your goals can be a vicious cycle of feeling happy and motivated one minute, then frustrated and defeated the next. If you're like most people you underestimate how many times you'll feel unsure of yourself before you see any real progress.

There is no easy way to say this but...

You're not going to feel motivated to do hard things every day. It's hard staying on a diet. It's hard waking up early. It's hard choosing to study instead of going out with friends. It's hard saving instead of spending.

So, what do you do? You live off of motivation. You listen to motivational podcasts and attend motivational seminars. You even join a few motivational groups on social media. You become a motivation junkie. In order to do anything worthwhile you need your fix of motivation.

The problem is motivation won't get you to the finish line. It won't even keep you on track.

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour. - Elon Musk 

This is largely due to the fact that motivation is driven by your emotions. You either feel motivated or you don't. Motivation is highly dependent upon your current circumstances and mood. If you are having a good day you may feel like you're capable of conquering the world. On the other hand, if your day isn't going so well you may feel like you can't get anything done or do anything right.  

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And guess what, it's perfectly normal to not feel like it. It's normal to get tired and feel mentally drained. The important thing to remember here is that you should take breaks when needed, but never give up on accomplishing your goals.

It's going to take courage and you going beyond what you think you're capable of to achieve great success. Before you give up, ask yourself these 4 questions in lieu of motivation.

What am I gaining by giving up?

Make a list of everything that you believe you will gain in your life by giving up. No matter how silly it is write it down. Will you gain more free time since you're not working on your goals? Will you be able to eat all the food you love? Will your body not feel sore from working out?

Now examine the things on your list and answer this question; is giving up really worth it. Are the items on your list satisfying enough for you to give up now? If not, don't quit, keep going. 

What will I gain if I keep going and it works out?

Now, make a list of everything you will gain if you keep going and it works out. What if you start that business and it's successful, or you actually drop the weight you've been wanting to lose? What impact will your success have on your life?

So often we worry about the negative what-ifs. What if the business fails? What if people hate my book? What if I say something stupid on social media? Have you considered the positive what-ifs? What if it does work out? What if he is the love of my life? What if this is my purpose? You'll never know if you give up now.

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How will my success/quitting affect the people around me?

Make a list of all the people who may be affected by your goals. Separate your paper into two columns. One column is for how they will be impacted if you succeed and the other how they will be impacted if you quit.

Will your success change the trajectory of your family and finances so that those around you are impacted? Will it break generational curses of poverty, depression, and social stigmatization for your children and grandchildren? Will you be able to take care of your aging parents? Is giving up worth losing the impact you could make in their lives?

What about the impact of you quitting? Will your children be provided the very best education possible at your current income level? If you don't lose the weight and work to become healthier will you be around to meet your grandchildren? If you never write the book and talk about how you overcame your trauma will that other person be saved?

What do I want them to say about me at my funeral?

How do you want to be remembered? What do you want the eulogy to read?

Reading scripture is a big part of how I stay grounded and find the strength to keep pursuing my goals. I often think about the people not mentioned. What if Moses never had the courage to go before Pharaoh? It was in God's plans to deliver the Israelites, however, He didn't have to use Moses to do it.

Abraham became the father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam because he did the hard thing and moved away from his family to an unknown land. But what if he didn't? Certainly, another would have taken Abraham's place.

The people who said no don't make the book. We don't read about the ones who quit. If we do, they're usually accompanied by the story of the person who decided to keep going and struck gold.

Consider the story of Darby, a man who after not having luck using a machine to locate ore sold the machine to a junkman. That junkman sought professional guidance and made some adjustments. He became rich after striking ore just three feet from where Darby had been originally digging.  

My friend, what will they say about you? Please do not give up. You have no idea how you accomplishing your goals can impact the world. 




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