8 Must-Have Strategies for Success

8 must-have strategies for success

Accomplishing your goals is a challenge, especially when you didn't grow up in an environment that cultivated success. Whether you came from an abusive family or your parents weren't around, you've probably struggled to understand what the key principles for success are.

I've struggled to understand what it takes to be successful too. I've spent years trying to sift through my reality versus what I dreamt my life could be. When a person witnesses defeat regularly, especially in their childhood, it's hard for that person to know what success looks like. 

Success isn't what you see on TV from the reality shows or the music videos and the Instagram models. Since we are exposed to a false reality of what success is, people often quit before they reach success because they have unrealistic expectations.  

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If you find yourself struggling with quitting your dreams or feeling like you will never accomplish your goals, this list will help give you a fresh and more realistic vision of the path to success. 

Here are 8 Must-Have Strategies for Success taken from some of the world's most successful authors, entrepreneurs, athletes, and visionaries.

Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it. ---Maya Angelou 

We are taught that we should forgive others but seldom do we extend that same courtesy to ourselves. Accept the fact that you did the best you could with what you had at the time. 

Could you have done things differently? Maybe. But all mistakes come with a lesson learned. Don't give up on yourself because you miscalculated and fell short, or the idea didn't go as planned. Take the lessons you learned from that situation and apply them to the next.

I stopped explaining myself when I realized other people only understand from their level of perception. ---Anonymous 

Stop allowing other people to keep you from your destiny. People will discourage you from pursuing your dreams because they lack faith in theirs.

When you talk about your vision for the future, be sure to do it with people who will tell you all the reasons it will work, not the reasons it will fail. 

Positive thinking is powerful thinking. If you want happiness, fulfillment, success, and inner peace, start thinking you have the power to achieve those things. Focus on the bright side of life and expect positive results. ---Germany Kent 

Develop a routine of encouraging yourself and having a positive outlook on life. It could be through meditation, reading scripture, listening to upbeat music, journaling, or daily affirmations and positive self-talk. 

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Thinking positive and feeding yourself encouragement and inspiration will keep you motivated to continue working on your goals when it feels hardest to go forward. 

Becoming is better than being. --- Carol Dweck

Constantly work on improving yourself in all areas of your life. Work on becoming a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, leader, visionary, and worshipper. 

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Feed your mind through books, documentaries, and podcasts. If you don't know something, seek the information out. Learning does not stop when you leave school, and it's not exclusive to the university. Make it a habit to learn something new every day so that you are consistently becoming a better version of yourself. 

The battles that count aren't the ones for gold medals. The struggles within yourself...the invisible, inevitable battles inside all of us...that's where it's at. ---Jesse Owens 

Be selfish. Deal with the *ish within yourself that's holding you back. If you're still battling unforgiveness, pain from your past, low self-esteem, abandonment...work on cleaning that *ish out of you.

People don't fail because they can't do the work. They fail because their burdens have weighed them down to the point of stopping because the burdens have become too heavy to carry anymore. Instead of leaving their burdens on the side of the road and continuing on their path, some people lay on the side of the road with them.

Do whatever it takes to leave your burdens behind. Seek counseling, get a life coach, join a community, pray, or get away from your negative environment. Take the steps necessary to win those battles within yourself. 

I built a conglomerate and emerged the richest black man in the world in 2008, but it didn’t happen overnight. It took me thirty years to get to where I am today. Youths of today aspire to be like me, but they want to achieve it overnight. It’s not going to work. To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big. In the journey of entrepreneurship, tenacity of purpose is supreme. ---Aliko Dangote 

There is no overnight success. I'll say it louder for the people in the back...THERE IS NO OVERNIGHT SUCCESS. What you see on TV and social media took several years in the making. 

When you scroll someone's feed, you get to see all their successes. What they don't show you is all the times;

  • They Cried
  • They Screamed
  • People left them
  • Their ideas didn't work
  • They lost money
  • They had sleepless nights
  • They prayed for strength
  • They quit and then came back
  • Their car got repossessed 
  • Their house got foreclosed on
  • They had no clue what they were doing
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And the list goes on and on and on. Stop measuring whom you're becoming up against people who have already arrived. Stop asking about their success and ask where they failed. You'll be surprised by the answers you get. Remember, most lessons are learned through failure, not success. 

Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face. ---Carol Moseley-Braun

Decide what your values are now, and be determined to live by them. Achieving success can be seductive. When you know who you are and whose you are, you will be less likely to allow others to define you. You'll stand firm in your faith when people try to entice you into attaching yourself to people, places, and things that go against your values.

Opportunities will come and go, but salvation is forever!

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who had kept on trying when there seemed no hope at all. --- Dale Carnegie

The biggest difference between successful people and people who aren't successful is successful people keep working when all signs point to giving up. Reality is what you make it. You can believe you're far away from accomplishing your goals, or you're closer than you've ever been before.

Each day you wake up and work on your business, relationships, or yourself is a day you've gotten closure to achieving your highest level of success yet.

Leave something in the comments to encourage another Sister who is reading this and maybe on the brink of giving up.


Author: Coach Kasey Marie
Coach Kasey Marie is a life coach and the founder of Unapologetically Saved Apparel. She strives to help women live a balanced life: accomplish their goals, know their purpose, and keep Jesus first. Coach Kasey Marie can be reached at coachkaseymarie@unapologeticallysaved.com.

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