A Prayer to Help You Forgive Momma

A prayer to help you forgive Momma

Mother's Day is the one day in the United States that's set aside to celebrate mothers for their love and sacrifice. Children young and old understand the significance of getting Momma the perfect gift.

They post heartwarming messages on social media #happymothersday, #mothersdaygift, #dearmomma. Children send flowers and even take mom out to brunch at her favorite restaurant. Some put their heathen ways aside for that special day to join their mother at church.

There really aren't any clear-cut rules concerning Mother's Day. Is it for all mothers or just some mothers? Does it include bad mothers or just good mothers? What about the mothers who have left their children wounded and scarred from years of abuse and neglect? Should all children celebrate their mother on Mother's Day no matter how fractured and dysfunctional the relationship?

For years I picked out the perfect flowers and searched for the perfect card to deliver the right message of appreciation and admiration. I pretended the words written between the folds of that pretty, pink cardstock were true as I signed it Your Daughter, XOXO

But when do we, the children who are indifferent and wounded stop pretending and start healing? I say the time is now and it starts with forgiveness. 

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A Prayer to Help You Forgive Momma

Thank you Father for allowing me to see another day.
I am eternally grateful to be in your presence.
You are my rock and salvation.
Besides you, there is no other.
You knew me before you placed me in my mother's womb.
You hand-picked her to be the vessel that would bring me into this world.
I know that you didn't take the matter lightly when choosing her, because your word says you have plans to prosper me and not to harm me.
Help me to see my mother how you saw her on the day she was chosen.
Help me to look past her flaws.
When I see her, let me only see the connection from you to me through her.
Help me to accept that no matter how hard and discouraging my childhood may have been, it's all working together for my good.
Merciful Father, soften my heart towards her.
When the relationship begins to feel like a strain, help me to remember her brokenness.
Help me to view her as an imperfect woman, just as I am.
Open my eyes to all the times she's been hurt, abused, abandoned, or life didn't go the way she planned it.
Help me to look through her and not at her.
Help me to see through to the woman you intended her to be, not the broken person she has become.
I speak life over our relationship.
I speak abundance...
of love
and forgiveness.
Help me Oh Lord, to honor her even when she isn't acting honorable.
I pray for healing over both of our broken hearts.
Father, help me to give my children everything that my mother didn't have the capacity to give me.
Help me to nurture and protect them as Jochebed did for Moses.
Help me to dedicate their lives to learning your statutes and serving you like Hannah did Samuel.
Help me to see the god in them like Mary did Jesus so that I may teach them to glorify you through sacrifice and obedience.
Thank you, Lord, that you chose her because without her, there would be no me.
And thank you that you chose me to be their mother, as imperfect and flawed as I am.
In Jesus' mighty name I pray,


Author: Coach Kasey Marie
Coach Kasey Marie is a life coach and the founder of Unapologetically Saved Apparel. She strives to help women live a balanced life: accomplish their goals, know their purpose, and keep Jesus first. Coach Kasey Marie can be reached at coachkaseymarie@unapologeticallysaved.com.

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