10 Life-Changing Questions to Ask Yourself Often

10 life-changing questions to ask yourself often

You can learn a lot about yourself and your circumstances just by asking yourself a few important questions. Questions help to direct your attention and make you think.

These 10 questions are especially important as they prompt you to think about your future plans, your goals, your values, and make hard decisions about how you're managing your time.

So, break out your journal or go to the end of this post and download the journaling sheets provided for you, and start writing.

10 Life-Changing Questions To Ask Yourself Often, prompt journal, journaling for success, self-awareness

Here are 10 Life-Changing Questions To Ask Yourself Often...

1. What are the most important things I need to accomplish

When you make the most of each day, you can make the most of your life. Avoid starting a new day without a plan of action. Give your day some thought the night before!

2. Which activities and people are a waste of my time?

That sounds harsh, right...to think of people as a waste of your time. However, it would be best if you gave heavy consideration to the activities and people that are costing you more than they’re worth. Surround yourself with people that support you. Do the things that get you closure to your goals.

3. What are my long-term plans?

We're not really fans of creating long-term goals. Instead, write about what you want your life to look like long-term. What is the overall objective of your life?

If you don’t know, you’ll struggle to plan your time appropriately. You’ll make wiser decisions if you know what you’re trying to accomplish over the next decade or more.

Clarify your life's mission and the type of woman you're striving to be in the next few years. Write it down and refer to it often.

4. What did I do poorly today and how can I do better tomorrow?

Evaluate your errors and poor decisions and learn from them. Making a mistake once is just part of life. Making a mistake more than once because you didn’t learn from it the first time is tragic.

Life is all about winning and learning. If you keep this mindset, you'll never feel like you've made a mistake again. You'll consider every misstep a lesson learned.

5. What did I do well today?

It’s just as important to identify what you did well so that you can do it again!
Identifying and feeling good about your victories also builds your confidence and self-esteem.

The better you feel about yourself, the more likely you'll try new things and pursue even bigger goals.

6. How does the rest of the world view me?

This is a very difficult question to answer accurately, but it’s important. Most of us are clueless about how we appear to others. We have our own vision of ourselves in our mind, but it’s often far from the truth.

If you can see yourself as the rest of the world sees you, you’ll identify a few character traits that can be tweaked to enhance your relationships with others.

7. What are my values, and do I live by them?

Most people only have a fuzzy idea of their values. Once you know your values, it’s easier to make decisions that support who you are and what you stand for.

Knowing your values and living them also creates a life that you find fulfilling. Once you know your values, you can begin to make adjustments in your life areas that aren't aligned with what's most important to you. 

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8. What are my greatest flaws, and what can I do to correct them?

Everyone has a critical flaw that’s holding them back. Few are aware of their most significant flaws. Spend some time thinking about this and ask some honest friends for their advice.

Remember to keep an open mind and not get defensive. Your friends and family love you for who you are, but we can all use an attitude adjustment every now and then.

9. What can I do to enhance my most important relationships?

Think about how you can lift your relationships up to the next level. How can you show your loved ones that you care? 

10. Who and what am I grateful for?

This is a great question to ask each day, but especially when you’re feeling frustrated or down. Thinking of the good things in your life will lift your spirits and give you a more optimistic view of your future.

Which question do you find the hardest to answer? Tell us in the comments.

Did you enjoy this list of 10 Life-Changing Questions to Ask Yourself Often? If so, you can download your free copy of the journaling sheets here.


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